SALTech Admissions

  • SALTech Admissions Process (2018-2019)
    • School for Accelerated Learning and Technologies, Inc. (SALTech Charter High School) admits students who have been promoted to 9th grade, who are over-aged (16-22), who are eligible to be enrolled in Duval County Public schools and who submits an enrollment application. SALTech admits students of race, color, national origin, religion or gender.

      SALTech has a year-round open-enrollment window. Applications are accepted throughout each year, to continuously maintain capacity in each grade level. There are no application deadlines, and applicants are contacted weekly based on current openings.  After the capacity is filled, a waiting list will be formed with a lottery process as well.  If the number of applicants is less than the number of seats anticipated to be available, no public lottery shall be conducted for that grade.  Click here, for more information on SALTech's Lottery Process.

      As provided for in Florida’s Charter School Legislation, the School will give enrollment priority to the following student populations if a spot is available:

       • Students who are the sibling of a student enrolled in the school;

       • Students who are the children of an employee or founding governing board member of the charter school;

       • Students who are homeless; and

       • Foster-care students.

       Students in these categories will be admitted automatically. If the applicants in the above priority groups exceed vacancies, a lottery will be held as well.

      Applications submitted for the prior school year will be valid, roll over, or be processed in the following school year lottery or wait list.  Students do not need to submit a new application to be considered for a seat.

      All applications received will be placed in order at the bottom of the waiting list once a lottery has been conducted for that program, class, or grade level in the order in which they are received.

      Parents and/or students will be notified via phone, email, and/or writing of their child’s acceptance no later than three weeks past the acceptance date and will have a specific timeline to respond to the school via phone, email, and/or writing of their decision to attend.  If an accepted applicant decides not to attend the school or inform the school of the decision on time, the slot will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

      Per the controlled school choice option, out of county students may apply to SALTech Charter High School.  If there is an applicant outside the Duval County, the applicant will follow the same timeline to apply.  If the school still has any opening after giving priority to Duval County applicants, and waiting list students are called, remaining spots will be available to out of Duval County applicants in the order they applied in each grade level.

      SALTech will provide transportation assistance to students who reside within Duval County, within the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s limits, and who live more than 1.5 miles away from SALTech’s location at 4751 Walgreen Road.  Outside of these guidelines, transportation will be the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian/adult student.  If a student has excessive tardiness and absences, the school will notify the parent/legal guardian/adult student and the student will be dismissed from SALTech to the student’s home school.



      Building Capacity

      Current Enrollment

      Available Seats

      School for Accelerated Learning & Technologies, Inc.





      Thank you for choosing the School for Accelerated Learning & Technologies, Inc. (SALTech), for your/your child's education for the 2017-2018 school year.  We have an open entry enrollment process, which means that we accept new students throughout the school year.  


      To apply for enrollment at SALTech, please take the following steps:


      1.       Click here to print and complete the Student Enrollment Application

      2.       Obtain a copy of the required information as follows:

      a.       Two (2) forms of identification (Student Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Florida Driver's License or ID, Passport)

      b.      Student Immunization records

      c.       Copy of of the student's most recent transcripts

      d.      Copy of previous IEP for special education students

      e.       Copy of previous 504 Plan, if applicable

       Items Needed for Student Enrollment

      Once completed, please return your application to SALTech at 4751 Walgreen Road during normal school hours (8AM-3PM, Monday-Friday).


      Thank you for choosing SALTech!  We are honored that you are interested in attending SALTech for this upcoming school year.